About Us

Community Resources’ mission is to provide the opportunities and experiences that people of all ages and levels of ability need to reach their potential, achieve the highest level of independence, and to enjoy rewarding lives as fully participating and contributing community members.

Our services include Day Habilitation, Pre-vocational Training, Medicaid Service Coordination, Supported Employment, Work Readiness, General and Special Pre-school Education and Universal Pre-Kindergarten, Universal Pre-Kindergarten, Community Habilitation and In-Home Residential Habilitation, Medicaid Service Coordination, Recreation and Respite, Counseling, and one of the largest Residential Services Program in New York City with 15 community residences, five supportive apartments, and two ISS (Individual Support Services) apartments.

Board Of Directors

Thomas J. Dugan – President

Carmen Cognetta – Vice President

Marlene Markoe-Boyd – Treasurer

Dr. Louis DeLuca – Secretary

Antoinette Balzano

Amy Bergen

Dr. Christine D Cea

Joseph S. Conti

Michael Coppotelli

Cav. Edward Jackson, ABD

Jane Milza

Anthony Minardo

Anthony Santo

Elaine Selznick

Joseph Sollazzo

Executive Team

Mary Rafferty, Executive Director/CEO

Barbara Devaney, Assoc. Exec. Director/Operations

Senior Management

Claudia Acevedo, Director/Community Services

Vincent Bonomi, Director/Special Tees/Business Development

Ianthe Bradshaw, Director/Quality Assurance

Teresa Claro, Director/Human Resources

Toni Decker, Senior Program Director/Residential Services

Josephine Hansen, Director/Children’s Services

Raquel Kessler, Compliance Office

Fredelyne Lebrun, Director/Day Habilitation/Recreation

Alex Minuto, Director/Facility Maintenance/Fire Safety

Margaret Trollo, RN, Director/Clinical Services