CRSI Music Studio

The CRSI Music Studio is unique in its offerings and in the way it emphasizes age-appropriate opportunities, community collaborations and integrated performances. The Studio is person centered and age appropriate and considers the interests of its participants for all musical experiences.


Program Options:

  • Music Therapy groups and Therapeutic Music Lessons
  • Vocal and Instrumental Performance
  • Drum Circles and Percussion workshops using professional grade
    PearlDjembe drums and lead by a professional drummer and licensed music therapist.
  • Guitar workshops lead by graduate student interns from the NYU music therapy program.
  • Digital Music Lab offering participants a chance to learn to use a Digital Audio Workstation to create beats and compose musical pieces using current digital platforms like Garage band and Logic Pro.
  • Integrated community performances that include evening grand piano events featuring one of our participants who is a classically trained pianist and a well-known musician/professional pianist from the local community.