Joseph Conti Serenity Garden

Our CRSI main campus is home to a 4,000 square foot urban farm and gardening program that teaches skills for sustainable and healthy living lifestyles to the people we serve. The program is also designed to prepare participants for work opportunities in nurseries and local landscaping businesses. The participants tend the garden through the growing season, watering, weeding, and nurturing the plants until they are ready to harvest. Once harvested, the participants will use the produce to learn about healthy and sustainable eating habits, and independent meal preparation while experiencing meaningful work.

This local garden is fully accessible and fully organic. Horticulture workshops and job training are part of the unique experience at the Joseph Conti Serenity Garden. Additionally, a portion of the produce collected is donated to our partnership with the Jacobs Well Food Pantry to help feed other Staten Islanders in need.

Once the site of an automotive salvage yard, the property has been completely re-purposed for greener and better outcomes, and in a few short years has gone from Salvage to Serenity.