Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation is a support services program delivered at home and in the community to Medicaid Waiver enrolled individuals of all ages, which is designed to help them acquire the skills needed to live and socialize more independently, become more involved in the community, and pursue personal interest. Each personalized plan is based on the expressed interests of the individual and his/her family and is developed to help each individual achieve his/her goals.

Intended for individuals who live with their family or in their own home, Community Resources’ person-centered approach allows for a completely individualized experience with one to one, regularly scheduled assistance in a variety of areas, including:

  • Activities of daily living, e.g. cooking
  • Travel training to specific locations, e.g., local movie theater
  • Community access, e.g., using the public library
  • Academic pursuits, e.g., reading and writing
  • Pursuit of personal interests, e.g. sporting events, shopping.

The goal of this program is to help people attain as much independence, productivity, and integration as possible, while enabling people to acquire meaningful new skills and enjoy productive, rewarding lives.

Please contact Bonnie Goolcharan, Senior Director of Community Services, for more information and/or to arrange a tour at (718) 447-5200 ext. 206 or