Residential Services

With fifteen community residences (IRA’s) and five supportive apartments located throughout Staten Island, Community Resources is now one of the borough’s largest and most experienced residential service providers. Over one hundred men and women make their home with us in safe, comfortable, nurturing and family-like environments with their peers.

We offer attractive, well-maintained homes that have been renovated to meet the needs of our residents and integrated into the neighborhood. Each home is designed to enable adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities to enjoy the independence of living in the community, while remaining in close proximity to their family, friends and daily activities.

Around the clock (24/7) activities of daily living and community inclusion activities are provided by an experienced, well-trained and dedicated staff. Men and women who are more independent may choose a supportive apartment where they receive twenty hours of staffing each week for more involved tasks (e.g. banking, medical appointments, etc.).

We are proud to have compassionate, knowledgeable staff members and a team of professionals (i.e. Registered Nurses, a Dietician, and ABSS) who are dedicated to ensuring that each person who make his/her home with us is able to enjoy rewarding, safe, healthy and productive lives as fully participating and contributing members of the community.

Please contact Andrew Cottet, Director of Residential Services, for more information and/or to arrange a tour at (718)447-5200 ext. 261 or