Day Habilitation

CR’s Day Habilitation program uses a person-centered approach to design a curriculum based on each individual’s needed supports and their personal interests, abilities and valued outcomes. Operating Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm, we offer a varied curriculum and range of activities including literacy, life skills, socialization, art and music therapy, yoga, fitness, computer skills, and cooking. In addition to four flexible bays, our newly renovated Day Habilitation space offers a recreation room, a gymnasium and classrooms for specialized classes.

In addition to on-site programming, CR’s Day Habilitation offers a variety of community-based recreational and volunteer activities and vocational training opportunities at our Special Tees division. Round trip transportation to and from program is provided and there is a Registered Nurse and ABSS on site, as well as a nutritionist available as needed.

Please contact Fredelyne Lebrun, Director of Day Habilitation & Recreation for more information and/or arrange a tour at 718-447-5200 ext. 242 or